Younique is one of the newest direct sales companies in the industry. Recently launched in September 2012 for new presenter signups, Younique offers a fresh line of beauty products to the direct sales market and a unique business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. Founded by siblings Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, Younique offers interested presenters a chance to be part of an amazing ground floor opportunity that has all the potential for success. With over a decade of experience up their sleeves, Younique’s founders certainly know all the necessary elements to create a successful venture. A graduate of Computer Science, Derek Maxfield is no stranger to running his own company, as he started NetSteps, a software company that ranked 11th in the list of fastest-growing software companies in the country in 2009. He also has over a decade of experience in the direct sales industry. His sister and Younique’s co-founder, Melanie, who is currently Younique’s vice president for sales and marketing is a graduate of Business Education, and Marketing and Art. Derek’s vast experience in business and Melanie’s expertise in marketing and passion for creating amazing beauty products is the reason why Younique has received so much support and success in so little time. Now, the company already has over a hundred presenters in over 20 states all across the country.

All of their products are available through their team of presenters, making them much more accessible to women all across the country.

A Younique Direct Sales Opportunity for Everyone

How to Become a Younique Presenter (consultant)

Do you want to be part of this amazing new business opportunity in direct sales? Becoming a Younique Consultant is as easy as logging into your Facebook account and signing up through Younique’s Facebook application. What makes Younique’s business opportunity unique is the fact that it is centered on social media. The company believes in making things even simpler and taking direct selling to the next level. It couldn't be easier to start selling Younique Products, simply find a Younique Presenter to sign up under and Join Younique by visiter her website and logging in with your Facebook credentials.

Sell Younique Products from Home

Is there anything easier than managing your own business over the Internet? You can host virtual online parties and be connected with your clientele 24/7. As long as you’re online, you don’t have to worry about losing clients. Of course, if you prefer to host home parties instead of virtual parties, you can still do so! You can still meet with your customers if you want to demonstrate the products in person but you can also utilize social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to spread the word about your business and your products. You have complete control over how you would like to run your business while having access to the company’s business tools and resources.

Younique Business Starter Kit

Younique Starter Kit

The Younique starter kit comes with everything you need to launch your new business. The Younique Business kit comes with the following:

You’ll receive all of these business tools only for $99.

The Younique Compensation Plan

As a Younique presenter, you’ll earn personal sales commissions up to 25% and sponsorship bonuses up to 6% for each new presenter you personally sponsor into the company. Since you get your own Younique debit card, you can easily access your earnings from your own account immediately as they become available.

Since Younique is still a very young company, relatively speaking, they are very much open to new product ideas and you'll see a fresh selection of products throughout the year.   Another way of earning some extra income is by pitching in an idea for a product and if your idea gets chosen, you’ll earn royalties for that product for as long as you remain a presenter for the company.

Younique Parties and Hostess Rewards

Younique parties are fun, convenient, and rewarding. Interested hostesses simply need to sign up as a virtual party hostess. Virtual party hostesses will be trained in the application of Younique’s products so that they can demonstrate it to party guests on their own. As a virtual hostess, you simply need to start a virtual party at the company’s website. After the party, you’ll receive an email informing you of how much rewards you’ve earned. Hostess rewards are based on the party’s total retail sales.

Younique offers a truly exciting opportunity for those who are interested in starting their own business. Since it’s fairly new, it’s the perfect ground floor opportunity to join, as your business can grow as the company grows. With so many product lines still being developed, Younique is certainly going to be full of surprises in the coming months.


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What is Younique?

Younique FAQ

What is Younique?

Younique is a direct sales cosmetic company that offers mineral-based cosmetic pigments and proprietary skin care. From moisturizers to intensely-colored eyeshadows, this brand offers consultants - called "presenters" - plenty of fuel to keep their entrepreneurial efforts going. Generous commissions, an affordable starter kit, and a spectacular online party program make Younique an attractive choice for would-be business owners and cosmetic fans alike.

Where can I buy Younique Products

Younique products are very accessible! If you want to purchase your own set of eye makeup or nail polish, you simply have to get in touch with a Younique presenter. You can easily buy it online through a presenter or through social networking sites. Simply get in touch with a presenter and she’ll guide you through the shopping process! Your purchases will be delivered right at your doorstep for extra convenience.

How much are Products from Younique?

The wide range of high end cosmetics offered by Younique means that there's a product for every beauty fan's budget. Their richly-hued mineral eyeshadows start at only $10, 3d lashes for $29, while their brilliant daily moisturizing gel is available for $39. Specialty sets, which offer a collection of compatible items, range anywhere from $35 to $119 for the Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss ten pack.

Products Sold:

eye makeup

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